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If you are looking for a career that is in demand, with great opportunities for growth which also helps protect our environment and people you should be looking at working in the field of water resources.

Job opportunities abound in every area of water resource management whether it be dealing with fresh water, salt water or waste water treatment.

The employment of water and wastewater treatment plant operators is expected to increase.  A growing population and an expanding economy will increase demands for water and wastewater treatment services. New plants constructed to meet this demand will employ more operators.

In addition, the trend toward dependence on private water and wastewater treatment services should create jobs for operators in companies that offer these services. Workers with formal schooling in water quality and wastewater technology will have an edge over other job seekers both in employment and advancement because of the increasing complexity of the equipment. Employment in this field is also steady because the treatment of water and wastewater is essential for every community. Also, since the Clean Water Act in 1972, more operators with 30 years of experience are in place to retire leaving openings for those who are ambitious to enter the field and promote quickly.

An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Advanced Water Treatment can get you started in a field that is rich with these growth opportunities. With this AAS degree students  have the technical and scientific knowledge to obtain the required licensure to work in the water treatment arena.

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Students who are working for the AAS degree in Advanced Water Treatment at a local community college receive hands on experience in monitoring, trouble shooting and chemical treatment of water and wastewater.  Students learn first hand about the public health aspects of potable water supply, wells, controls, techniques nd equipment, advanced water mathematics, water treatment systems, water treatment plant equipment, water analysis pretreatment membranes, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and other high purity technologies.

An Associate Of Applied Science Degree in Advanced Water Treatment gets a student prepared to work in the water resources field in the shortest amount of time while at the same time providing them with all the resources they need to be successful in their career choice.

An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Advanced Water Treatment normally requires 60 credit hours over a period of 5 semesters. Courses include basic water technology,chemical studies, water regulations, quality control studies, biology and more.  However, the entire program is focused on water and water treatment and requires only those courses that directly impact a water resource career.

In the state of Texas the community colleges that offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Advanced Water Treatment include Northwest Vista College.

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